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By Bobby Ryatt


Regardless of where you are on life journey, we know why you are here right now. Whether you are considering plastic surgery, looking for a plastic surgeon, researching plastic surgery procedures, or just plain ready to leap into plastic surgery, you are here because you want to make a change in your life that requires more than just positive thought.

Whatever cosmetic procedure you are currently contemplating, we understand why you are here. You ve lived with it, tried to accept it, hoped others wouldn t notice it, and hated several times over before finally reaching your decision to go under the knife and make some physical changes.

Before you proceed any farther, we want to share a few thoughts with you to hopefully enhance your cosmetic surgery experience and create a basically enjoyable transition from the old you to the new you. Learn about malar cheek at www.dryaremchuk.com.


First and foremost, no matter what, you are you. You are a unique individual with gifts and talents and weaknesses and faults. You are human, and by the very definition, imperfect. By no means are we suggesting that you have to accept your weaknesses and faults, just as if you had a short temper would we dissuade you from trying to alter that short fuse we are not trying to convince you to reconsider your plastic surgery choice. Rather, we want to help you prepare.

First, it is recommended that every individual considering undergoing plastic surgery for any reason consult a licensed psychologist. This process does two things. One, it eliminates the question of why you want to alter your body. Once you can define it satisfactorily for a clinical practitioner, then you have also defined it for yourself. This makes a huge difference when explaining to family and friends your decision, especially when it s mom s carbon copy nose you re trying to change.

Second, it helps prepare you for the changes you can expect to go through should you decide to proceed with reconstructive plastic surgery. Regardless of the procedure, you are about to alter a piece of your body that has been with you since birth. However, you are only altering a piece of your body, the person you are will remain the same. A professional can just check in and make sure that you are really internalizing the difference.


Rhinoplasties, otherwise known as nose jobs, are among the most common reconstructive plastic surgery procedures performed. The procedure is fairly simple, though not pleasant to talk about. The very basic description of the nose job involves a precise fracturing of the nose, which is then reshaped into place to form a more appropriate nose for the face. Care is taken to be sure nasal passages are not obstructed and finished project is basically taped into place while the fracture heals. When healing is complete, the nose now takes on a different shape.

Nose jobs are considered one of the easiest and reasonably priced reconstructive procedures to have done. They are also among the most popular, aside from accumulated body fat it is one of the body parts that people are most likely to notice. One that is too large is pointed out from the time we are in grade school.

Rhinoplasty has fallen under multiple categories according to the specific procedure required. Nasal augmentation, revision rhinoplasty, nasal surgery, nose surgery, nasal plastic surgery, and secondary rhinoplasty are all various forms of the same procedure. A few, though rarely, fall under partially covered medical insurance claims.

The average age of the nose job recipient is rapidly decreasing. Twenty to thirty years ago, nose jobs were the distinction of wealthy women in their early thirties. Today, young ladies are requesting nose jobs instead of cars for their sixteenth birthday. This has some critics up in arms. There are those who proclaim we are teaching young women to resent their bodies in pursuit of perfection and turn to cosmetic surgery instead of self acceptance and self love.


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